Ordinary Courses

The Scuola’s education program complements and integrates the university studies of ordinary students with additional courses, seminar cycles, laboratories, internships at national and international scientific institutions and with an early start to research by collaborating with research projects at private and public sector companies.

The SSC is organised in two Classes:
  • Humanities and Social Sciences students including ordinary undergraduates in law, economics, politics and humanities.
  • Experimental Science students including ordinary undergraduates in science, medicine and engineering.

Students having been selected by a rigorous Admission Exam and being enrolled at the University of Catania, attend a tutor-guided educational course integrated with their degree course at the end of which they receive a License Diploma. The Scuola’s courses are updated annually taking into account the continual evolution of scientific knowledge and technology nationally and internationally. The Scuola’s courses include the following: Interdisciplinary courses: aimed at students with varying curricular profiles from either subject group who are aiming to contribute to the cultural growth of students by dealing with cross-cultural themes and content. Specialist courses: aim at integrating university preparation with in-depth knowledge of specific themes connected to the students’ particular discipline with the further objective of encouraging early research. Foundation courses: aimed at first year students from either subject group, they provide basic preparation for all ordinary students. One of these courses is ICT. Laboratory courses: aimed at students in the first two years from either subject group, they introduce students to research and especially research within groups. Foreign language courses: aimed at students from either subject group, they take students to Advanced Level (C1 - CEF) in a foreign language (usually English) at which they are tested at an authorised Cambridge Test Centre.

Depending on availability and with the President’s authorisation, university students (undergraduate and post-graduate) external to the Scuola can attend Scuola courses as listeners except for foreign language courses and foundation courses.

Listener request form should be emailed to prelaurea@ssc.unict.it at least one week before commencement of the course they wish to attend.

Planned courses for the academic year 2014/2015