Germany after Merkel: What to expect for Europe?

Giovedì 18 novembre 2021, ore 18:30

Modalità mista: Aula Magna Villa San Saverio e Piattaforma Microsoft Teams 

Classe delle Scienze Umanistiche e Sociali




Relatore: Prof. Ulrich Brückner

Stanford University in Berlin






ABSTRACT: In September 2021 Germany elected a new Parliament. This marks the end of the Merkel era, because after 16 years in office, the Chancellor decided to end her political career. Not only Germans are curious about her successor and the new Government, because there is a long to-do-list waiting for a new coalition. The talk will reflect on Angela Merkel’s achievements for Germany and Europe as well as on the shortcomings. It will address the main reform tasks and discuss the conflicting positions within the German party spectrum, in order to give an outlook what to expect from a new Government in Berlin.


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